Monday, 27 November 2017

5 Exercises For Shapely Legs

5 Exercises For Shapely Legs

To get shapely legs Follow these exercises, repeat this set of exercises you can get great results.

1. Plie Work thighs , buttocks

SP : put your feet wide , toes out Unwrap .
Slowly satisfiability plie ( squat ) to parallel with the floor at the same time raising his arms in front of him .
Repeat 16 times .

2 . Slope diverting legs and buttocks muscles work hamstring

SP : put your feet hip-width apart , back straight , stomach tucked.
Leaned forward , elbows straight leg back and try to touch the floor with your hands .
On each leg 3 sets of 16 times .

3 . Squatting diverting legs work glutes , front thighs

SP : as in the previous exercise .
On two accounts raise your straight leg to the side, the following two accounts puts her cross back and perform squats .
On each leg 16 repeats .

4 . Running in the strip are working leg muscles

SP : Arise in the horizontal bar .
Tighten your right knee to your chest , then pull the leg back . Do not bend at the waist !
3 sets of 16 times , then switch sides .

5 . Lunge forward Operate front thighs

SP Arise straight , hands put on the belt .
Lunge forward with your feet hip-width apart , knee over the foot , the knee angle of 90 °, the body weight centered. Come back to SP . Repeat with the other leg.

3 sets of 16 times

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