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Apple Diet Weight Loss Plan | The Best Ever Diet Plan

Apple Diet Weight Loss Plan

In this article, we will tell you how and why the Apple Diet works, the Apple Diet Weight Loss Plan you can follow, and exercises you can do.

The following Apple Diet Weight Loss Plan will help you lose extra pounds, boost your immune systems and deep cleanse your body. It is one of the most popular diets as it supplies your body with so many minerals and vitamins in the short amount of time.

Benefits of Apples

The old saying, eat one apple a day to keep the doctor away. Seems silly but this is very true.

Eating only one apple in a day gives us with so many benefits and supplies so many vital nutrients to our body on a cellular level. Apples are considered one of the best fat burning foods because they are low in calories but high in fiber and have elements that stimulate metabolism and promote healthy weight loss.

Apples are encapsulated with Vitamin C, B, PP, iron, antioxidants and many others. They promote a healthy heart, detoxify the liver, prevent high blood pressure, regulate the digestive system, normalize bowel movement and even fight cancer.

Apples are nutrient dense fruits that help weight loss, boost immunity, fight cancer, reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, prevent gallstone formation, and prevent the development of cataract.

Therefore, the Apple Diet Weight Loss Plan will not only help you lose weight but also improve your overall health. However, you should also keep in mind that working out regularly and making a significant change in your lifestyle will help you lose weight quickly and in a healthy way.

How to Pick and Eat Apples Correctly

If you want to get most of the benefits from apples choose organic, preferably locally grown fresh apples and eat them with the skin and even seeds. Seeds in the apple are known to have the most pectin that is a fat burning fiber that stimulates healthy weight loss and controls your appetite.

What Is The Apple Diet Weight Loss Plan?

Apple Diet

The Apple Diet is a 5-Day Diet Plan where a major portion of your meals will consist of apples. On Day 1, dieters are allowed to eat only apples for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. On Day 2, they are allowed to eat apples for breakfast and dinner, and for lunch, apple and veggies. Day 3 to Day 5, the dieters are allowed to eat fruits, fresh fruit juices, vegetable smoothies, proteins, and dairy along with apples for each major meal.

How Does The Apple Diet Work?

The major component of this diet is apple which is rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber and also has very few calories, normally around 80 to 100 calories depending on the size of the fruit. Apples are also nutritious and beneficial for the nervous system, which is why they are included in many diet routines. However, for this diet, the apple is the star! Apple contains a large amount of fiber which ties up the fat molecules and preventing fat absorption. Then this fiber bounded fat is directly ejected from the body. Apple also makes you feel fuller for a long time. Eating an apple before every meal will make you feel less hungry and prevent you from overeating.

A Natural Fat Blocker In Apple Pectin

In addition, the pectin is claimed to be contained mostly in the skin of apples, simply one more reason why you must not be throughout away the skin when eating apples.

Apples additionally contain a main dietary fiber referred to as cellulose that’s terribly helpful to assist detoxify your body by causing toxins out cleaning your system as well as stimulating your digestive tract effectively relieving constipation promoting healthy gut flora.

Antiaging Property in Apples

Apples contain a considerable quantity of polyphenols. There’s a polyphenol explicit to apples that are referred to as the apple polyphenol with antioxidants that helps decelerate wrinkles on your skin producing an anti-aging result in addition to hardening unhealthy breath, reducing cholesterol levels, and most importantly beautiful young looking skin.

The probiotic effect of pectin contains in majorly in apple skin. Additionally, it’s said to contain as much as 4 times the amount of polyphenol found in apple fruit, all found in apple skin because besides the rumors driving people to throw away the skin, it’s really sensible for you, combining probiotics for digestion and antiaging for your skin.

The 5-Day Apple Diet Weight Loss Plan

Apple Diet

The 5-day Apple Diet demands the dieters to eat only apples and fluid on day one. For the rest of the four days, the dieters will be allowed to eat mostly apples along with other nutrient dense foods but not exceeding 1200 calories in a day.

Day 1

Breakfast – Two Apples
Lunch – One Apple
Dinner – Three Apples

Why This Works

In the Apple Diet Weight Loss Plan, breakfast, lunch, and dinner should comprise of solely apples, amounting to around 1.5 kilograms. Apples are made of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and dietary fiber. These nutrients are necessary for maintaining good cardiovascular health, proper body fat percentage, improved brain function, and preventing diabetes. Drink enough water to stay yourself hydrous throughout the day.

Day 2

Breakfast – one apple with a glass of soy milk or skim milk (if gluten sensitive)
Lunch – An apple and greens salad with two carrots and half a beetroot is ideal. Make a light salad dressing with mint leaves, Dijon mustard, olive oil, salt, and pepper.
Dinner – 2 apples

Why This Works

On day two, eat apples for breakfast and dinner, and a healthy vegetarian salad in lunch. This will help you to gain other essential nutrients from the veggies. Olive oil is a major source of good fats which will help retain the cell membrane integrity. It is essential to keep sipping on detox water and drink a good amount of water throughout the day.

Day 3

Breakfast – 1 apple, 1 slice multigrain bread and scrambled eggs
Lunch – 1 apple, tomato, mint leaves, Bengal gram salad with cucumber, onion, salt, and pepper.
Evening Snack – A cup of low-fat yogurt
Dinner – 1 apple, turkey bacon, carrots, and broccoli salad or 1 apple and lentil soup

Why This Works

Day 3 can be called as protein day and proteins are the building blocks of our body. Therefore, open your day with a good protein source like scrambled eggs (use one whole egg). If you are a vegetarian, you can also have a glass of milk instead of eggs. Bengal gram has a lot of protein and will help you feel full for a longer time. Yogurt will help your digestive system. For dinner, eat a good source of protein and an apple. As you ate mostly apples for two days, your body does not have so much energy for metabolism and digestion. Therefore, do not eat too much food and fill yourself up with water and detox drinks.

Day 4

Breakfast – 1 apple and kale smoothie
Lunch – 1 apple and grilled veggies or 1 apple and vegetable clear soup
Post Lunch – 1 orange or 1 small bowl watermelon
Evening Snack – A cup of green tea
Dinner – 1 apple and vegetarian lettuce wraps or 1 apple, beetroot and celery smoothie

Why This Works

Open your day with an apple and kale smoothie. Kale will help you lose weight and make you full for a longer time. The vegetarian lunch will help you get all the necessary nutrients from the different types of veggies. Include more green leafy and colorful veggies. On this day, take a post-lunch snack break. Also, take a glass of fresh fruit juice or any whole fruit. For your evening snack, green, black or white tea is highly recommended as it contains antioxidants which will help your body flush all the toxins out. A vegetarian dinner along with an apple will soothe your digestive system.

Day 5

Breakfast – 1 apple with a boiled egg or 1 apple with boiled bottle gourd juice
Lunch – 1 apple with grilled veggies or 1 apple with vegetable clear soup
Post Lunch – 2 almonds or a peach
Evening Snack – A cup of green tea and 1 digestive biscuit
Dinner – 1 apple, baked fish, and asparagus or 1 apple and kidney beans chili with capsicum

Why This Works

On this day, dieters will be allowed to eat veggies, fruits, good carbs, good fats, and proteins. This will help to bring back your body from the low-calorie diet you had been following since the past few days. As you have followed a step by step procedure of introducing all the foods that you want the body to metabolize, on the last day, when you eat a complex combination of foods, your metabolism will stay active and help burn the calories without making you feel weak.

Proper Hydration While Dieting Is Key

While you’re in middle of the Apple Diet Weight Loss Plan it would not be right to eat foods apart from apples. However, once it involves hydrating your body, do not resist drinking to your delight. That includes drinking beverages other than water including tea and coffee with one word of precaution. Be sure not to consume an excessive amount of caffeine to avoid digestive trouble throughout your diet.

Foods To Eat During The Apple Diet

Apple Diet

Bread & Biscuits – multigrain, whole grain bread and biscuits.
Fruits & Veggies – You can eat Seasonal fruits, local fruits, green leafy veggies and colored vegetables.
Proteins – Chicken without skin, fish, eggs, lean cuts of turkey and beef, tofu, mushrooms, and soy chunks you can take as protein during the Apple Diet.
Dairy – low-fat yogurt, Low-fat milk, and cheese in limited amounts can be used.
Herbs & Spices – You can also eat coriander leaves, mint leaves, rosemary, thyme, dill, fennel, rose petals, ginger, garlic and onion powder, coriander and cumin powder, turmeric, chili powder, garam masala, fenugreek, mustard seeds, etc.
Fats & Oils – Olive oil, canola oil, rice bran oil, ghee, and mustard oil but in limited amounts.
Beverages– Fresh tender coconut water, Fresh fruit juices, detox drinks, buttermilk, fresh vegetable juices, and smoothies.

Foods To Avoid During The Apple Diet

Apple Diet

Fats & Oils – You must avoid Lard, butter, coconut oil, mayonnaise, and dalda during the Apple Diet.
Beverages – Packaged coconut water, packaged fruit juices, carbonated drinks, and alcohol.
Proteins – Processed meat, beef, Chicken with skin, and pork.
Dairy – Cream cheese or cheese in excess amounts, full-fat milk, and full-fat yogurt can’t be used during the Apple Diet Weight Loss Plan.

Role Of Exercise

Apple Diet

Working out is necessary if you want to lose weight, especially if you are overweight. Since on the first two days of the Apple Diet Weight Loss Plan you will be on a very low-calorie diet, therefore, it is better to avoid any rigorous workout routine. Stick to meditation and yoga. You can start running or you may follow your regular exercise routine, walking, running up the stairs, jumping rope, yoga, dancing, squats, swimming, pilates, jogging on the spot, push-ups, sit-ups etc from the 3rd day of the Apple Diet Weight Loss Plan. Make sure to lose weight first and then build muscle.

Benefits Of The Apple Diet

  1. It will help you lose weight by making you feel full, hence, curbing the hunger pangs.
  2. Eating apples every day will help prevent the risk of stroke, heart disease, and also lower cholesterol levels.
  3. The Apple Diet is pocket-friendly and is super simple.
  4. It will prevent you from drinking packaged fruit juices that contain artificial flavor, color, and sweetener.
  5. The Apple Diet Weight Loss Plan also helps to bring the metabolism of your body right back up in a slow and steady process.
  6. Finally, it is a balanced diet that comprises of vegetables, fruits, protein, dairy, good fats, good carbs, micronutrients, and dietary fiber.

Side Effects Of The Apple Diet

  1. On the Apple Diet, You may become bored of eating apples right before every major meal.
  2. People who are used to eating a lot of calories without burning them may become irritated and experience mood swings, as this diet is tough to follow for the first two days.
  3. You may also feel weak and sleepy.


The first two days on the Apple Diet Weight Loss Plan are crucial. Drink plenty of water or detox water along with the apples. Also, if you are feeling weak, experience muscle pain, joint pain etc., at any time throughout the diet, stop the diet and see a doctor. Also, we suggest that you take your doctor’s or dietitian’s advice before beginning this diet. Weight loss depends on many factors such as age, height, body type, activity level, medical history, current weight, and genes. Remember, health is wealth.

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